Rules for Casual Sex, Dating and Relationship

casual sexCasual sex has its perks if it works well between the partners involved. It can be emotionally and physically healthy for each person as long as it’s consensual and safe in all ways. If you are unsure about it, then there are some rules that will help you get the most out of this type of relationship. That’s why it is recommended that you follow these rules:

1.Figure Out What You Want First

Before you try anything in your casual relationship, it is highly recommended that you be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you want to pursue this. Is it because you want to engage in a specific sexual act? Or you are simply bored with your monogamous relationship and want to spice things up a little? The answers to such questions need not be any complex, only honest. Once you figure out what you really want from such relationship, you will be able to truly enjoy what it has to offer.

2.Establish Boundaries

Although it is casual sex, you would still need to establish some boundaries to make sure that the things are kept enjoyable and simple with the partner you choose. You can either set boundaries only for yourself, or if you intend to repeat the casual encounter with a specific person then establish them for both of you and make sure that you and the partner agree to those terms. You may prefer to avoid bringing others home, you may not want to have casual sex too often, etc. These types of preferences can be honored only if there are boundaries in your casual relationship. No matter what boundaries you establish, make sure to keep them simple, clear, and understandable by both of you.

3.Keep Communication Open

It’s true that casual dating is not about telling your mundane life stuff to your partner, neither would your sexual partner want to hear about your day at work. However, keeping the communication open is recommended. Only with proper communication, you will make sure that you and your partner both stay on the same page and can solve any problem quickly if it ever occurs.

4.Be Respectful

In casual dating, never pretend to be a boyfriend/girlfriend to your partner in order get sex. It should only happen on a mutual decision, in which both you and your partner understand that there is no level of commitment. Furthermore, respect your partner’s desires to date other people and have relationships outside of your arrangement. Respect his/her privacy in this matter.

5.Be Safe

Practicing safe sex is very important, especially in a casual relationship where there is no level of commitment involved. If you are having casual sex with your partner, then the chances are that your partner is hooking up with other people at the same time. That’s why it’s a good idea to use protection and put your safety first. Also, don’t take any kind of abusive behavior from your sexual partner. Make sure that everything is done consensually and safely.

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