How to Say “I Want a Casual Hookup, Not a Relationship” on Dating App and Site?

casual hookupOnline dating sites and apps are some of the best ways for individuals who are looking for partners to engage in casual hookups, friendship, as well as serious relationship. And when it comes to achieving success on fwb dating sites and apps, it’s all about implementing the right strategy as you don’t want to get into a serious relationship with the other person. Letting the other person know that you don’t want a relationship and are only looking for casual hookup can be a challenging task, particularly on a dating site or app.

Follow are some strategies that will help you in this regard:

1.Start with the Small Talk

You have finally found someone on an online dating site that you are attracted to; now you want to make sure that the particular someone doesn’t get offended by your intentions for casual hookup. Most people on dating sites are not comfortable with the dirty talk, not at the beginning at least. That’s why it is recommended that you start the conversation with the usual small talk first. Simply say “Hi” and ask a couple of question about the other person’s life and give them respect. It will go a long way.

2.Be Clear About Your Intentions

Once you get the other person feel comfortable chatting with you, then it is time to be clear about what you are looking for. Don’t say “Your body is amazing” or give any other physical compliments. Say something that provides hints about your intentions, for example “Yeah, I’m just casually dating, not looking for anything serious right now. Are you cool with that?” Make sure to be polite when you say such words. If the other person is interested in any way, you will know by their answer to this question.

3.Build a Momentum

Once you and the person you are chatting with are on the same page, then it is time to build a momentum. A lot of people, especially on dating sites, are interested in hookups but most of them don’t like it when someone comes on too strongly. So building a momentum is important. Since you are looking for a casual hookup, make sure that the momentum you are building should have sexual tension, lots of teasing, and plenty of innuendos.

4.Smoothly Express Your Intentions

Once you are succeeded in the above mentioned steps, then it is time to let the other person know that you are simply looking for a hookup, and not a relationship. Don’t just directly ask “So how do we do it? or “Want to hook up?”, etc.; you will never succeed. You must express your intentions smoothly. Say something like: “We could have a lot of fun together”, “I’m going to end up being bad with you if you aren’t careful”, “You and I could get up to a lot of mischiefs together”, “We are going to get into all kinds of trouble you know”, etc. Such sentences express your intentions for a casual hookup clearly, yet do not explicitly say it. So they are highly recommended.


Thanks to online dating sites and apps, finding partners for casual hookup is quite easy. However, certain strategies are needed to be implemented in order to let your potential partners know that you just want casual hookup and not a relationship. The above mentioned tips will help you.

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